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  Floating Seals & Seal Kits
We provide you with a comprehensive range and have proven to be the exclusive seal groups adopted in the undercarriage of heave machinery like bulldozers and excavators.

Our most extrensive user lies in logging construction, quarry. Agricultural and mining industries under that crucial working environment, durability and sturdiness of the products are always confined within our means of application and cost attentiveness these resources are then utilized in the development of  customized products to suit your requirements for an intended application
Seals oil in and abrasives out
The seal consists of two forged metal seal rings and two  synthetic rubber tonic rings provide the proper pressure to both sides of the metal seal rings.
Lapped seal band for a smooth, leak free sealing surface.
Synthetic rubber compound resist oil deterioration and compression set.
Resist permanent deformation and temperature changes from 400 F  (-400C) to 2250F (1070C)
With hardness constraints within 61~68HRC, tensile strength 63.275 Cmx3 and flatness :9 band max.

For Bucket cylinder, Boom Cylinder and Arm Cylinder

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